The 4D Printing Society is a platform focused on available 4D printing technologies for practical solutions for existing needs and researching future methods and materials for use with these technologies.

To clarify: 4D printing is using computerized printing technologies to 3D print objects using specialist materials that change shape, properties, and functions in time when exposed to a specific stimulus.

To work correctly, 4D printed objects need to have a calculated geometry design for a specific stimulus condition, so that the geometry changes can be controlled through the application of the stimulus.

This technical committee will welcome and bring together scientists, engineers, and industrial designers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, and will offer a forum for discussion, exploration, promotion, and commercialization of 4D-printed designs and products.

Projects our members are working on

Sometimes words don’t tell the whole story. To help you understand the 4D Printing Society better, we have provided a selection of images with project information from some of our members, so you can see what 4D Printing can achieve and what our members are actively doing.