“Smart Materials in Additive Manufacturing” Book Series Available Now!

Smart materials in additive manufacturing (AM) is an attractive and multi-disciplinary research direction that demands more than one book, author, or discipline to talk about and advance it. Therefore, a series of books on “Smart Materials in Additive Manufacturing” has been decided and written to better serve the purpose. 4D Printing Society, jointly with Elsevier, presents this book series, prepared by directors from more than 30 international institutions working on 4D printing related topics.

“Smart Materials in Additive Manufacturing, Volume 1: 4D Printing Principles and Fabrication” provides readers with an overview of the current smart materials and techniques processed via four-dimensional (4D) printing.

Volume 1


“Smart Materials in Additive Manufacturing, Volume 2: Printing Mechanics, Modeling, and Advanced Engineering Applications”, focuses on 4D printing from the point of view of engineering design and modelling in new directions. Currently, there are relatively limited tools and resources available for including 4D printing in university curricula. So, strategic top-down modelling and designing in 4D printing applications is an ongoing demand. This book is primarily aimed at students and educators studying multidisciplinary fields, either as a self-contained course or as a module within a larger engineering curriculum. There is sufficient depth for an undergraduate or graduate-level course, with many references to guide the student further along the path.

Volume 2


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