4D Printing Strategies for Biomedical Applications of Bioprinting

Prof. Ana Paula Piedade from the University of Coimbra and 4D Printing Society is hosting a special issue on “4D Printing Strategies for Biomedical Applications of Bioprinting”.

In Nature nothing is immutable. Shape and functionalities vary according to the adaptation to the biological in vivo cues. Therefore, for Bioprinting to contribute to the field of Biomedicine it must construct bioinspired mimetic structures that vary their shape/functionality according to the biological environment stimulus. The objective of this special issue is to understand how stimuli-responsive 3D printing, also known as 4D printing, can help to contribute to the advance of biomedical applications of bioprinting.

Further information on the special issue could be found in:


Submission deadline: 30.05.2023

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