1.5 Million Euros ERC Starting Grant 2021 to Dr. Giulia Scalet

Dr. Giulia Scalet, a member of the 4D Printing Society’s Senior Board of Directors, was awarded a Starting Grant by the European Research Council for her project CoDe4Bio (COmputational DEsign for 4D BIOfabrication: harnessing programmable materials for dynamic pre-clinical cancer models).

Dr. Giulia Scalet is assistant professor of Solids and Structural Mechanics, within the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia.

With CoDe4Bio Dr Scalet will study the relationships between the behavior of cancer cells, dynamic physical stimulation, and drug resistance, to progress towards effective cancer cures. The grant is awarded for a five-year period and the budget is about 1.5 million Euros. More information will appear soon on https://www.code4bio.com.

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