Knowledge Mapping of 4D Printing Technologies in Computer Engineering

With the aim of a scientometric review, a group of researchers from India recognizes the recent research hotspots, trends, and worldwide scope of 4D printing for the period of 2007–2021. The bibliographic data fetched from the Scopus in comma-separated values format is used in the study for extracting the masked information by discussing the in‐depth visualization of the attributes of the index documents. The study examines the growth of publications, subject categorizations, global distributions, citation analysis, and the influence of the institutions and authors using the bibliographic data in the various applications of 4D printing.

The outcome of this paper will be helpful for the research and the academic community belonging to the field of 4D printing, such as the publication growth seems to be increasing in recent years material science is the most prominent area in the field and contributes to incrementing both the citation count and publications, and medical applications and material development are the latest trends in the research of 4D printing.

This work was conducted by a group of researchers led by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Central University of Haryana, Mahendergarh, India. Further information on this work could be found in the recently published article at the following link:

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